Toenail fungus is a very common disease of the foot nails. Nail infection may affect toenails or fingernails, but toenail infections are particularly common. Some of the causes for this problem are sweating heavily, being in a humid environment, psoriasis and wearing socks and shoes that prevent ventilation and don’t absorb perspiration. Another common causes are going barefoot in damp public places such as swimming pools, gyms and shower rooms, having athlete’s foot, minor skin or nail injury, damaged nail or other infection, having diabetes or circulation problems and a weakened immune system.

When the toenail is infected, the most…

Cellulite can be taxing but believe me when I say this, it is absolutely normal to have it because 90% of the women, irrespective of their shape or size, go through this problem. And no, it isn’t always because of your diet or lifestyle that cellulite occurs, but there are several other reasons why your skin starts showing dimpling.

Before we delve further into best cellulite creams, let’s do a quick recap as to When the fibrous bands in the skin reach the muscles and start pulling it downwards, the skin starts losing its elasticity, making it weak and that’s…

You might not be aware of the fact that oral health actually determines your overall health. One of the vital parts of the procedure for oral hygiene consists of using mouthwash.

It reduces the presence of plaque, while reaching and fighting bacteria that escaped dental cleaning at the same time. It is actually the final step in the removal of bacteria and germs. Moreover, it leaves the mouth clean and the breath fresh.

It is known that cavities can be cured with proper care and a healthy diet.

These are the advantages of using a homemade mouthwash:

  • It is inexpensive…

Cerumen (ear resin or earwax) can reveal a lot about health. Its color, fragrance and structure can point to four major health problems, here and now.

So normal wax from the ears can be between orange and brown. But yellow or green wax, itching in the ear or leaks from the ears can be an indicator of infection.

Wax is watery and greenish in color
If you sweat, watery runny ear is probably the result of sweat that has entered the ear and mixed with wax. But if you did not sweat, and the wax is watery and greenish or dark yellow in color, it may indicate an infection in the ear.

Wax has a strong smell

It can be an infection or damage to the middle ear. This can cause…

To feel pain in various parts of the body is not so uncommon as we are getting old, and this is usually a result of the body’s overall weakening due to the tear that we are prone to. Getting old also slows down the body and this is the reason why it needs a little push and adequate cure in order for it to properly continue to function.

Many adult people and elderly are suffering from joint, muscle and knee pain because of some underlying health problem, but having pain in these areas can as well be a consequence of…

We are sure you all have baking soda at home. But do you use it only for baking? Well, this versatile and cheap tool can be used not only to relieve the symptoms of heartburn or to bake pies. If you choose the list of products that should always be at hand, baking soda would be, perhaps, the first in the list.

This is a universal and widely available product. Baking soda will help you throughout the house, for personal hygiene, and also for dealing with unwanted insects and will simply make everything much easier. …

The colon is the last part of the large intestine, which main function is to produce and store feces and other waste from the body. You need to cleanse your intestines and flush all the excess mucus, fecal material and other different and harmful parasites from them. If you do this method regularly, you will protect yourselves from many different diseases and infections. 100 tons of food and 40,000 liters of fluids pass through our intestines for a period of 70 years. This actually means that almost 10 lbs. of fecal material and toxic debris are “stocked” in our intestines…

This 3 ingredient recipe will whiten up your teeth in no time!
Required Material

Lemon Juice
Baking soda

1. Take Baking Soda in a Bowl

Add 1 tablespoon baking soda to a small size bowl. Baking soda has a natural teeth whitening attribute, which makes it really helpful to do this trick.
2. Add Salt in the Bowl

Now add 1 tbsp of salt to the same bowl in which you added baking soda. We are using salt because of its natural property, which helps in removing stains.
3. Add Lemon Juice

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Estrogen dominance may be very commonplace, and regardless of understanding the signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms of this circumstance, you must additionally understand what to do in case you are affected by it.

But, earlier than we display one effective and easy protocol that will help you balance your hormones, we can list the 10 maximum not unusual symptoms of estrogen dominance:

  • Odd menstrual intervals
  • Low libido
  • Fatigue
  • Bad PMS (breast tenderness/swelling, mood swings, and complications)
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain (specifically hips and abs)
  • Brain fog
  • Problem dozing
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Slow metabolism

Here are the steps you need to comply with in an effort to repair the healthful hormonal balance in the body:

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Treating chronic cough and bronchitis has always been a challenge even for conventional medicine…well, up until now.

This new natural remedy contains some of the oldest and most powerful ingredients that soothe the throat and lungs and cure coughing and bronchitis in no time!

Thanks to the mighty properties of honey and bananas, which are included in the recipe, you can use this remedy for both children and adults and enjoy its flavor as well!

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